DIY Install kit 24v300NI12ST

This is One of our Most popular Diy Install kits. 

It is a 24 Volt system. Which can run a daily load of a minimum of 5 useable kwhs per day. 

On the roof, it comes with 12 Stion Thin film CIGS panels, I recommend you research these panels. They will outperform a crystal panel over a 12 month period. 

The best way to describe these panels is they perform more consistently than any other panel on the market and here are the reasons. 

They are heat tolerant up to 70 degrees. Shade tolerant and will produce up to 30% more on the hotter days than stated on the testing specifications which is 25 degrees. Which is the weather for Germany and Canada!  They test the heat of the panel at 25c, not the ambient air temperature. 

Cigs also use a blue spectrum and an inferred light spectrum which means better performance on the cloudy days which all adds up when living on batteries. less starting fo the generator. 

The system comes with a prewired Victron easy solar which has a 3000-VA inverter charger, 150v 70 amp MPPT , Colour screen monitoring, Remote monitoring if you have the internet available and can auto start your generator if it has a 2 wire auto start. 

It also has a sub-board prewired to save you money on haveing a sub-board installed in your off-grid setup. 

It also has a charger inbuilt which as soon as the generator starts or you can use the grid it will start to charge. The charge is a 70 amp charger which can reach 2000 watts of charging capacity. In reality, it will charge your batteries at about 1600 watts an hour. In this size system, with running your load at the same time will be about 4 hours if the batteries are low. 

 We choose to use Nickel-iron in Majority of our installations. Nickel Iron come with their fair share of conspiracy theories and complications. We have had a bad experience personally with these and we learned so much from that that it has helped us support customers not to go through the same experience. 

You can see our storey here. Mikes Story

The good Stuff.

You can't harm them from running them too low. 19.3 volts on a 24 v system as an example. They liked an overcharge. they have a cycle life of 20,000 cycles which is 53 years if you cycled them every day. 20-year warranty. The electrolyte is an alkaline based electrolyte, It will not destroy your technology like lead acid vented cells do and it does not smell.  

They can be fully serviced.

Worrying about your batteries is a thing of the past. The only way to destroy these is to run them dry of the electrolyte.  This kit will come pre-wired on a board and full phone support with a DIY install and access to our online DIY install video series to help you do the install yourself. Call to Discuss your prewiring options and mounting required for panel installs. 

Can be freighted anywhere in Australia. 

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